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What to look for in a Commercial Cleaning Provider

Maintaining a clean workplace is an essential part of running a successful business. Not only do customers and clients expect a clean and efficient workspace, but it also goes a long way to maintaining the health and safety of all the workers involved.

Many people prefer to get an expert team of cleaners from outside the business rather than keep their own cleaning staff. However, there are certain things to look for when hiring a commercial cleaning provider.

Worth Every Cent Cleaning is a trusted Queensland cleaning service, and we’ve assembled a list of things to consider when you’re shopping for a commercial cleaning provider.

Find a Cleaner Who Fits Their Service to Your Needs

Every workplace has different requirements. Whether it’s space size, floors, windows, inventory, office layout, or number of toilets, you’ll want to go with cleaners that will give you a service tailored to your needs. Don’t trust a service that offers flat rates for any type of cleaning with little to no questions prior.

A good cleaning service will ask you precise questions about your needs and tailor their services to you. They will also be able to tell you how many times a week cleaning will be required.

Emergency Cleaning Services

Businesses can suffer from any number of emergencies that require prompt and efficient clean-ups. Whether it’s a major spillage or flooding, you’ll need a cleaning team that is equipped and ready to clean up at a time of crisis. Check if the cleaner is available at short notice and if they work nights and weekends, and if so, at how much extra cost.

Having a team that is ready to clean up in an emergency also means that they are used to the layout and requirements of your business. They can get right on the job of devising a strategy for getting your business clean and back on its feet.

Cleaning Supplies and Additional Costs

Be sure to check what supplies your cleaning company uses, and to make sure they’re of a high quality – including the use of eco-friendly products. Also determine whether their standard cleaning service will include all the necessary cleaning products, or if there are additional charges on top for specialised products.

Choose Worth Every Cent Cleaning

It’s crucial to hire a cleaning team with an outstanding reputation. Worth Every Cent Cleaning is a proud, Australian, family-owned and operated cleaning company with over a decade’s experience servicing the Gold Coast and Brisbane. We’re passionate about getting the best cleaning results for you – no matter your needs. Contact us now and call1300 854 401.

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