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Maintain clean and stain-free walls

A home with children is bound to have dirty walls with pencil or crayon marks. Kids are always testing out their skills by drawing on walls – regardless of how much you keep an eye on them, you will inevitably end up with stained walls.

Eliminate Crayon Marks

No one likes their walls to be messy and dirty – it doesn’t look aesthetically appealing and are a source of embarrassment when guests visit your home. Spotless walls aren’t that difficult to get if only you know how to proceed. Take a look:

The very first method involves a blow dryer, mild liquid soap, and water. Use the dryer to turn on the heat slowly over the crayon marks – don’t focus too much on one area and maintain a distance from the wall or it might affect the paint. This causes the wax in the crayons to melt, so the marks come off easily. Squeeze a dollop of soap on to a towel, immerse in water, and rub on the marks. Once they are gone, wash off the soap from the walls.

Purchase a magic eraser – readily available in hardware stores. Scrub the marks and they will be eradicated in no time!

The obvious way to fix crayon stained walls is to paint over the area, although this might not be possible if the marks are frequent.

Goodbye to Oily Stains

Another problem people face in their home in oily fingerprints or stains on walls. It looks really ugly and unhygienic. However, there is a simple way via which you can get rid of the blotches. It involves the use of chalk – make sure you buy white and not colored chalk. Pick one with a slightly angled edge, rub it on the oil smudges, and let it stay for about 5 minutes.

Take a dry, microfiber cloth and wipe off the chalk marks. Afterwards, wet the cloth slightly and dab one last time to clean the oil and chalk residue – and ta da! You have managed to eradicate greasy stains with minimal fuss.

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