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Living with pets: Tips to maintain a pawfectly clean and fresh smelling house

  1. Baking soda is great for absorbing pet odours. Sprinkle onto your carpet, leave for a couple of hours then vacuum.
  2. Keep your air filters clean – make sure you replace your filters in your air conditioner and vacuum cleaner.
  3. Invest in an air purifier. It will improve the air quality of your home from pet dander.
  4. Remove urine stains and pet faeces immediately. Your pet can smell traces of their own urine, even when you can’t and will continue to use that area as their own personal toilet.
  5. Don’t use cleaners with ammonia – they smell just like urine to dogs.
    Wash your pet regularly. Every 4 weeks is recommended by the RSPCA.
    Hair today, gone tomorrow. Brush your dog once a week. It is better on the brush, than on the floor.
  6. Vacuum daily & get your carpets professionally cleaned every 3 months.
    Place a sheet/towel on your pet’s favourite resting place. Shake it and throw it in the washing machine regularly to minimise hair and odour.
    Invest in a washable bed for your pet.
  7. Wet dogs increase the odour of your dog. Purchase dog cologne that you can spray on his/her fur and his/her bed.
  8. Invest in a pleasant dog deodoriser and add to a bucket of water when mopping the floors. We really like and recommend the smell of Yours Droolly!
  9. Place mats at both the outside and inside of every door. They really prevent dirt from coming into the house.
  10. If you have a cat that enjoys strolling along your kitchen benches, wipe your benches down with a cleaning solution, before and after you put food on the bench. Keep cutting boards and food utensils out of your cats reach.
  11. Store your pet food in covered containers so it doesn’t attract unwanted pets in your house.
  12. Remember to keep your house well ventilated – open the windows and doors and let the fresh air flow through!
  13. Employ a great cleaning service such as Worth Every Cent Cleaning to keep your home sparkling.

The Requirements

Your medical clinic must be properly sterilised and disinfected, in order to meet the G.M.P and T.G.A. Standards, as well as ISO 14644-1: Class 3 – Class 9 Fed. Std. 209E: Class 1 – Class 100,000. Achieving these standards requires thorough cleaning with proper equipment and chemicals. Otherwise, a clinic runs a risk to its patients and will not be able to operate effectively and safely.

What to Clean

High touch materials pass sickness on through the number of people that touch them, making them a key feature of the clinic to pay attention to. High touch materials include play equipment, doorknobs, handles and books.

1. Play Equipment

When it comes to play equipment, a medical facility should remove equipment that is old or difficult to clean. This includes blocks, dolls and soft toys. They should instead exchange them for books or electronic devices and provide a reminder to parents to keep their child entertained by bringing their own toys.

2. Doorknobs

Doorknobs and handles should be cleaned several times a day if possible, as they are the most high-touch object in a medical facility and are therefore most prone to spreading bacterium.

3. Books

Books and magazines should be disinfected as much as possible and discarded once they show signs of wear and tear.

4. Floors

Alongside high touch materials, floors should also be double mopped once a day.

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