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Is the act of cleaning killing you slowly?

Winter is the season which gives a good excuse to make your home feel extra sparkling. Everybody likes sparkling cleaned, hygienic house but ever thought that the cleaning products that you are using has dangerous toxins within which are unwittingly come in contact with your health.

Know what you are using for your house cleaning

You are putting your health at risk when you are using these household cleaning products. It has been revealed that several claimed as “anti-bacterial” cleansing products that are expensively packaged and marketed for the household cleaning have found to be not up to the mark – they clean no better than your usual detergent.

When the chemicals in common household products such as cleaning sprays and laundry detergents hit your lungs and skins, they get in your bloodstream, bypassing your liver and kidneys, which are your body’s natural defense system against toxins.

Just one application of a strong household cleaner can leave dangerous chemicals lingering in your indoor air for hours on end.

Ammonia is well-known offender when it comes to making your home unlivable for several hours after its use. It is extremely irritating to your skin, eyes, and lungs by itself, and can be fatal if randomly mixed with other chemicals.

Beware of not to mix ammonia with any product containing bleach. Mixing ammonia and bleach together will cause extremely poisonous vapors capable of making you unconscious. Several cases have been witnessed wherein people have had to hang their heads out the window, gasping for air, after making this mistake.

These household cleaning products are increasingly linked to several environment and health problems such as skin and eye irritation, allergies, nausea etc. The studies have shown that the ingredients used in these household cleaning products leaves residue on the surfaces and toxins in the air that later on contaminate ground water and environment. The primary cleansing ingredients used are ethanol, sodium hydroxide, hydrochloric acid, ammonia formaldehyde, and butyl cellosolve.

How to avoid the amount of chemicals we use

There is certainly a way to minimize the use or you can simply avoid them by using organic or household ingredients. As more and more people are growing conscious about their health, they are turning their choices towards eco-friendly cleaning products. Also, the natural common household cleaning ingredients that you can find are baking soda, vinegar, orange peel and lemon. You can also use mild liquid soaps, organic oils, hydrogen peroxide to see visible results.

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