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Beware of germs on these common office items!

You may have heard that desks and office spaces can be extremely unhygienic, with some reports stating that they host 400 times more bacteria than a toilet. However, if you think about it, that’s not very surprising. A toilet has a regular flushing mechanism to get rid of bacteria, but the same can’t be said for all the office items that are handled day-in, day-out.

Getting sick at work can be a drag on your productivity and your life, so the friendly team at Worth Every Cent Cleaning has assembled a list of common office items that may be gathering germs so you can start cleaning your desk!

The Desk

A desk will have a lot of skin contact, dust, crumbs etc., so it’s not surprising that it hosts a lot of bacteria. It’s important to give your desk a wipe down at least twice a week with an antibacterial wipe or vinegar solution.


Pens are obvious culprits, particularly because we often share them so much. Think about how many people might handle a pen in a week and what might have been on all their hands. Additionally, you and other office workers may be chewing pens! This is a sure-fire way to spread bacteria and illness within an office space. It’s probably best to keep your own pens to yourself and to not chew on them!

The Keyboard

People often tap away on their keyboard throughout their work day. Therefore, it’s no surprise that skin cells, food scraps, and sweat gathers on them. This makes keyboards a perfect environment to host harmful bacteria. Consider how you might be going to lunch with the hands that were just on your keyboard, transferring germs from your keyboard to your sandwich!

Guard against a germ-laden keyboard by giving it a regular sweep with a brush to clear away debris, then give it a gentle wipe down with an antibacterial cloth.

Water Coolers and Drink Fountains

Any communally used water dispensers are an obvious threat when it comes to the spread of germs and sickness in an office. Many employees handle a water tap in one day, getting their hands, mouths, or dirty cups in contact with it.

If you want to take office health seriously, thoroughly clean the handle and tap every day. It might also be safer to bring your own water!

Need to Clean Your Office? Speak to Worth Every Cent Cleaning

Taking office and workplace health seriously is essential for your own health, happiness, and productivity – as well your fellow co-workers. If you run a business on the Gold Coast or Brisbane, organise a regular office cleaning schedule with the friendly, expert team at Worth Every Cent Cleaning today! Call us on 1300 854 401 to find out more.

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